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Unfortunately, the propane-powered cannon and Bird Distress repeater present two distinct problems. Firstly, they add to noise pollution that residents in nearby suburbs constantly complain of, which only furthers the rift between the farming community and residents surrounding farm lands. Secondly, the effectiveness of the propane powered cannon and Bird Distress repeater loses its effectiveness, as birds become climatised to the noise and no longer fear it. Most farmers report seeing birds briefly fly upon a cannon firing and then taking back to feeding seconds later. Fortunately, science is taking an old approach used by African tribes in keeping pests from feeding on their crops. These tribes would take a water bag and fill it with water and hang it in their crop fields. The birds would see the different hues of light reflect off the bags and avoid these fields. To employ this method would require a great deal of labour and constant replacement of the bags. So Carpe Diem Technologies, Inc. has developed a laser friendly technology, known as the P-3 anti-avian system, to frighten off birds from feeding on your fruit, berries, or other produce.

Technical Data
The P-3 has two lasers which are fully adjustable for direction, as well as leveling the units upwards or downwards on a 15' high mast. Both laser units allow the operator to set the speed and horizontal and vertical amplitude. In other words, the laser pattern is not predetermined and allows the operator to create his own unique pattern and speed to deal with his bird problem. The system is powered by two gel pack batteries stored in a control box that are recharged during the day by a solar panel thereby saving the farmer time from removing the batteries from the P-3 unit to recharge them using a recharger. For large farms even taking time in the morning or evening in the midst of the harvest season to turn on and off the P-3 would be inconvenient. So to save time for the busy farmer, the P-3 comes with an adjustable photocell sensor that allows the farmer to set the P-3 to turn on at dawn and turn itself off dusk. Put simply, the P-3 is designed to operate on its own and let the farmer worry about getting the harvest in before it over-ripens or faces adverse weather conditions.




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