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As you know, the worst thing to watch during the harvest season is throngs of birds helping themselves to your produce. Before the P-3 Anti-Avian System, methods such as propane powered cannons, the AV - Alarm system, and the Bird Distress repeater were the most popular devices to frighten birds. With the P-3 Anti-Avian System, you overcome the major disadvantages to these archaic methods used in the past. Noise pollution is a major concern, especially to residents in nearby suburbs and to those farmers who are concerned with their impact on the quality of living of their neighborhood. The biggest concern is that traditional deterrent methods, birds rather rapidly become acclimatized to. In short they no longer are deterred, or simply return after the cannon has fired. The P-3 is truly the worlds most effective method of protecting your crops.

How effective is the P-3? The United States Department of Agriculture and Wildlife Service conducted studies and concluded that lasers are safe and effective means of frightening hungry birds from your crops

Watch a Video online a laser scarring birds


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